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THE 1-1-1-1 profile expresses primary stage preferences for every one of the four quadrants and is typically known as ‘whole brained’. These right mode primaries change into the extra visible owing to the absence of sturdy left mode qualities ie. the shortage, and even avoidance, of logical, analytical and rational thought (A quadrant): equally the controlled, conservative, structured and organized modes (B quadrant).

This profile can be additional characterised by the dearth of preference for the holistic, conceptual, and synthesizing modes of processing discovered in the galvanised c section purlins, which is expressed as a tertiary. An individual with this profile would be characterized by strong preferences in the interpersonal, emotional and spiritual modes of processing.

This profile is a triple dominant profile, with the three most most popular quadrants occurring within the Decrease Left B, Decrease Proper C and the Higher Proper D quadrant. This is a triple dominant profile, with the three primaries occurring in Upper Left A, Lower Left B, and Lower Right C quadrants. The 2 primaries occur on the diagonal axis between the Lower Left quadrant B and the Upper Proper quadrant Upper Left A exhibits a secondary rating and Decrease Proper C is at the tertiary level. C Plus profiles are extra reliable and most well-liked on roofs, beams or columns as they do not have breakage of elements.

This profile is characterised by the distinct lack of desire even avoidance for the traits of the Proper modes of C and D. This particular person could be rational, logical, analytical and quantitative; coupling this with a controlled, deliberate, organized and structured style. Work that is thought of most satisfying would come with: carrying out, explaining things, making things work, constructing issues, establishing order, attending to particulars,working with people, being a part of a workforce, and fixing buyer issues.

The secondaries signify the Higher Proper A quadrant, logical, analytical, and rational modes and the Upper Proper D quadrant holistic, inventive,and conceptual modes of processing. The secondary preferences within the Lower Proper C, interpersonal, emotional and religious modes of processing and Higher Right D quadrant, artistic, artistic, and holistic processing would usually be functional.

This profile is double dominant featuring two primaries occurring within the Decrease Left B and Lower Right C quadrants. This is a double dominant profile with primaries within the Lower Left B and Upper Right D quadrants. This profile is characterized by two distinctly opposing pondering processes:the Lower Left B quadrant being characterized by ‘protected-protecting’ and the Higher Proper D quadrant as experimental or ‘threat-taking’.

This profile is triple dominant, with three most popular quadrants. Occupations would come with positions which might be technically or financially oriented with a powerful preference for folks interplay or an interpersonal focus, such as funding counselors, technical trainers, or social service attorneys. Individuals with this profile would exhibit sturdy preferences for logical, analytical and quantitative modes of considering within the Higher Left A quadrant; in distinction they might even have a desire for the integrative, synthesizing, creative and holistic aspects of Upper Right D.

As opposing modes, double dominant left would possibly perceive their right counterpart as unrealistic and unfocused. Occupations typical of this profile would include these in technical fields, pc design, finance analysts, physicists or research and growth. The Upper Left quadrant A is least most well-liked,but nonetheless the person is, typically,quite purposeful of their use of the logical and analytical facets of this quadrant. Persons with this profile usually are drawn to occupations in Human Resources and where there is scope for interpersonal skills.

The clear secondary and tertiary preferences of the cerebral modes, Higher Left A and Higher Proper D, are additionally attribute of this profile with logical and analytical processing within the Upper Left A quadrant representing a easily accessible model of thinking,but much less preferred.

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