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Lower Left B quadrant preferences embody planning, organizing, implementing and administrative activities. This profile may also support entrepreneurial behavior, since it options the imaginative, innovating and ‘danger’ oriented behavior of the suitable mode quadrants C and D without the management or preference of the structured, logical and conservative modes of the left quadrants A and B.

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A tertiary preference in the L Profile steel quadrant would be demonstrated by a lack of desire for interpersonal, emotional and religious modes of pondering. The Decrease Right C quadrant exhibits a secondary rating while the Higher Left A quadrant displays a tertiary level.

The Upper Left A quadrant is expressed as a secondary, with logical, analytical and rational modes of processing being useful, but secondary rather than the right modes. The particular person with this profile could be characterised by sturdy preferences within the controlled, planning, organizational, and structured modes of processing. This profile is a singular dominant profile with probably the most most popular being the Decrease Left B quadrant.

This profile options two primaries in the correct mode quadrants, C and D, and two secondaries within the left mode quadrants, A and B. This is a singular dominant profile with probably the most most popular quadrant being the Decrease Left B quadrant. The Higher Left A quadrant would the least most popular of the four quadrants with a tertiary preference.

Occupations typical of this profile would come with human resource professionals and people in counseling and helping positions notably when there’s a heavy administrative load. This particular person is usually a ‘multi-dominant translator’, that’s, acting as a ‘translator’ for others in order to facilitate communication and understanding between the varied modes. The primary within the C quadrant would equally present itself by interpersonal skills and sensitivity to feelings.

The mixture of those two preferences will be very highly effective if the Decrease Left B permits the more imaginative, artistic Higher Proper D to make its particular contribution. This individual’s most seen preferences can be logical, analytic, rational, quantitative and technical processing with some secondary tendencies towards organizing and synthesizing.

The diagonal of Lower Left B, and Higher Right D, is at a secondary level. Occupations with this profile would be these requiring a mix of logical and analytical problem fixing coupled with imaginative and progressive pondering along with administrative and managerial duties. Occupations typical of people with this profile would include trainers, secretaries, nurses, social staff and homemakers.

This can be a double dominant profile on the diagonal axis between the Higher Left A quadrant and the Decrease Right C quadrant. The Lower Left features control, structure, planning, organizing and conservative modes of processing. The Decrease Right C quadrant and the Upper Left A quadrant display tertiary preferences. The Lower Left B quadrant is a secondary preference.

The tertiary in Upper Left A, coupled with the secondary in Upper Right D, make this profile clearly one with decrease mode preferences which specific protected-preserving, feeling and instinctive processing. A person with this profile would clearly want the interpersonal, emotional,musical, and spiritual aspects of this quadrant.

The Decrease Proper C quadrant, attribute of interpersonal, emotional, and intuitive considering modes, could be practical, yet secondary. The tertiary preference in the Lower Left B and Higher Proper D quadrants can be demonstrated respectively by a lack of choice within the B quadrant for organizing, control, construction, conservative considering types and in the D quadrant for holistic, creative, and synthesizing modes of considering.

These primaries occur in Higher Left A, Lower Proper C, and Upper Right D quadrants. The Higher Proper D quadrant, attribute of holistic, imaginative, synthesizing and integrative processes, can be tertiary or of low desire.

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